TheCubicle Angstrom Compound X (10cc)

TheCubicle Angstrom Compound X (10cc)

内容量: 10cc
TheCubicle の潤滑剤、Angstrom Compound X です。
日本大会3連覇中のMatty (TORIBO SCT) も愛用しています。

Compound X is a water-based lube designed for faster puzzles developed by Angstrom Research. Compound X uses the attraction of charged silicone polymers to slow down puzzles at the molecular level. This slowing effect lasts longer than traditional silicone, and also doesn’t result in a gummy silicone feeling.

Compound X should not to be applied to hardware. Water based lubes should not be applied to the screws or springs as this will likely lead to rust issues.

This lube is scented with a sweet pomegranate aroma.

Note: There may be some variation in color due to the processes involved in manufacturing, but the formulation and properties are the same.

For best results, apply two drops, and break in thoroughly. To clean, gently wipe off your puzzle pieces with a damp cloth.

Disclaimer: Although the lube is perfectly safe to touch, please do not ingest it, set it on fire, or expose it to extremely high temperatures.

参考価格: 1,300
価格: 980


パーツ表面 (接地面) に塗布します。
重さの評価: 3.5 (1が最も軽い評価、10が最も重い評価です)

TORIBO SCT 入船 朝斗 選手:
重さの評価: 3

Team Cubicle 平井 雅之 選手:
重さの評価: 4

TheCubicle 潤滑剤シリーズ


商品名 TheCubicle Angstrom Compound X (10cc)
内容量 10cc
商品及び付属品 本体


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