Man the Torpedo

Man the Torpedo  (マン ザ トーピードー)

難易度の目安:8 (5〜10)

Made with a combination of brass and aluminum, the result is a beautiful contrast between the two metals. The object is to get the torpedo out of the cage, but with a difficulty level 8, prepare for some frustration. The poles in the cage are evenly spaced out, however, the spikes have different lengths. With this in mind, try to manipulate the torpedo until it’s finally free. For an added challenge, try to put it back inside the cage. From our own brand of PuzzleMaster Metal Puzzles.

参考価格: 2,100
価格: 100


Man the Torpedo
商品名 Man the Torpedo
重量 約160g
サイズ 直径約50mm、高さ約78mm
商品及び付属品 パズル本体



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