EZ Unlink

EZ Unlink  (イーズィー アンリンク)

難易度の目安:8 (5〜10)

Made with a beautiful combination of four colored metals, brushed bronze, silver, gold and gunmetal alloy, the EZ Unlink will put your skills to the test as you try to take apart all four pieces. The puzzle forms a beautiful 12-point star, but as a level 8 in a scale of 10, it won’t be so charming when you’re trying to solve it. Designed by Doug Engel, who also created the stunning EZ Atom and EZ Galaxy. From our wide selection of PuzzleMaster Metal Puzzles.

価格: 2,000


EZ Unlink


EZ Unlink
商品名 EZ Unlink
重量 約190g
サイズ 三角形の辺の長さ: 約65mm
商品及び付属品 パズル本体



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