EZ Atom

EZ Atom  (イーズィー アトム)

難易度の目安:6 (5〜10)

With three distinct colored plated finish, this metal puzzle won’t be as hard as splitting an atom. The goal is to take all three pieces apart and free the nucleus. When you’re done you need to put it back together. This is a stunning puzzle with a striking visual effect and a very elegant solution. Can also be used as a decorative object. The designer, Doug Engel, and president of GSI Puzzleatomic, has a knack for beautiful puzzles, as the Yin Yang puzzle can certainly prove it. The puzzle is produced by our own brand, PuzzleMaster.

価格: 2,000


EZ Atom
商品名 EZ Atom
重量 約200g
サイズ 楕円の最大径: 約83mm
商品及び付属品 パズル本体



  • 力技?

    2015/01/20 投稿者:ichikorro おすすめレベル:★★★

    「え? こんな力技で良いの!?」と思いつつ悪戦苦闘すること数日。何故か暖房で温めたらあっさり解けました。
    膨張率のせいでしょうか? もしかして寒い冬場はパーツが縮んで固くなる?