Iso Crate

Iso Crate  (イソ クレート)

難易度の目安:7 (5〜10)

A beautifully made puzzle from anodized golden aluminum. The ISO Crate consists of eight identical L-shaped pieces and it would be very easy to assemble if not for the magnets inside each of them. You need to find the correct way to match the polarities in all of the pieces to form a cubic shape. Easy to take apart, a nightmare to put together. Designed by the late Robert Rose, who made many other fascinating anodized aluminum puzzles. From our impressive selection of PuzzleMaster Metal Puzzles.

価格: 2,700


Iso Crate


Iso Crate
商品名 Iso Crate
重量 170g
サイズ 48mm
商品及び付属品 パズル本体



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